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Scott Hickman

Suite C, Shop 29, 25 James St,QLD,

Replique Clinic is a new Brisbane based mens hair clinic, that is committed to giving balding men their look and self confidence back, through a breakthrough hair replication process called Scalp Micropigmentation. Scalp Micropigmentation differs from traditional hair loss treatments because it is non surgical, affordable, durable & it gives immediate results. It is a process in which thousands of tiny dots are tattooed onto the scalp, (using specialist inks), to create the appearance of a natural hairline & a full head of closely shaven hair. SMP can also effectively disguise scarring and make thinning hair appear full and thick. SMP is suitable for all skin types and colours. It is an outstanding hair loss solution for men or women with any type of hair loss. Unlike any other scalp tattooist in south east Queensland, Scott Hickman, the owner & technician at Replique Clinic, is in the unique position of having had the procedure done himself. He fully understands the hair loss journey and has
lived the finanial and emotional benefits that scalp tattooing can bring to those experiencing hair loss. Book a consultation with Scott to get your free SMP quote. Phone now - 0498 988 131.

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