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875 Waimanu St. Suite 103,HI,
96813,United States

Tintwerks is an Oahu auto and window tinting service company in Honolulu, specializing in window tinting for homes, cars, businesses, and more. No job is too big or small.As home energy costs are constantly on the rise, tinting the windows of your home can be an affordable and effective way to scale back on energy use. Tinting deflects the sun's rays, which helps keep the heat out, so you'll save big on air conditioning. It also seals heat in during the winter too.Tintwerks specializes in keeping out the glare and defending your home from the sun's harmful rays. Their terrific home window tinting service will protect your furniture and paint from the sun's relentless heat. Installing a window tint does big things for your home:
Tremendous energy savingsPrevents sun damage to furnishingsCreates a safer, shatterproof windowAn easy way to start going greenTintwerks likes to see their drivers ride in style and enjoy their cars to the fullest. That’s why they offer car window tinting. Auto window tinting is a great way to spruce up your car’s look without spending big bucks. This goes beyond aesthetic benefits though. Window tinting significantly reduces glare from the sun, which can be a dangerous distraction for drivers.Tintwerks specializes in ceramic film application, the highest grade materials are used to ensure that your vehicle’s tint will last.To find out more about window tinting or to schedule an estimate, please call today at (808) 638-3413!

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